Our Commitment

Rail Maintenance Services Pty Ltd (RMS) takes pride in its commitment to safety and the environment. Our environmental policy includes emissions and recycling plans as well as environmental training for our employees. We also provide environmental NGER reports to the government. RMS undertakes a comprehensive risk management and hazard identification approach to all work conducted for our clients.


RMS has many valued clients both past and present. These clients include:

  • ARTC

  • Coleman Rail

  • Downer EDI

  • John Holland

  • Laing O’Rourke

    • Lendlease

    • McConnell Dowell

    • McLeod Rail

    • Metro Trains

    • One Steel

  • CPB Contractors

  • UGL

  • VicTrack

  • V/Line


Rail Maintenance Services is a proud member of:


What We Can Do

Our Capabilities

      • Provision of quality plant and equipment for all rail maintenance and construction activities.
      • Reserve maintenance.
      • Fire fighting vehicles from 1,000 to 8,000 litres.
      • Tree removal.
      • Work under live overhead wires.
      • Tie renewal works.
      • Re-railing.
      • Level crossing upgrades.
      • Station pit upgrades.
      • 24/7 availability on supply and support.
      • Ballast recycling.
      • Installation of pre-constructed concrete turnouts and crossovers.

Our Achievements

Beyond our quality equipment, attachments and experienced operators, our clients value our ability to immediately react to any incident or event.   We are available 24/7 for our customers giving them peace of mind that when required we are ready for work. This is evident by some of the major emergency events we have assisted in.

Overcoming Flooding

Severe thunderstorms created havoc across the Metropolitan area of Melbourne with large areas being flooded, one such location was Windsor on the Sandringham Line. The water could not be pumped out of the track as all street drainage to the area fed back into the railway drainage system. The challenge was to pump the water to a location so that it did not feed back into the track.

RMS quickly mobilised its fleet of road/rail vacuum trucks, sucked up the water and transported it to another drainage system to allow it to disperse away from the track. RMS was able to remove over 500,000 litres of water and had trains running again within 24 hours.

Rail Embankment Repair

A sudden storm swept across Melbourne on Christmas day and completely washed out 30 metres of the railway embankment to a depth of 10 metres in Eltham, Victoria.  RMS had plant and equipment on site within 60 minutes of being requested.  In conjunction with Metro Trains, we worked alternating shifts around the clock for 72 hours to open the line for service with no injuries or operators working excessive hours.

Reinstatement of Tracks from Derailment Damage

In January a Metro train collided with a B-Double in Dandenong, Victoria and derailed, destroying 150metres of track and overhead wires and structures as well as signalling assets.

RMS were requested to provide plant, equipment and material to help repair the track after the derailment. Within two hours of this request RMS were delivering material to site and our plant was forming the hard stand to allow cranes to remove the damaged carriages. Simultaneously we were loading new rails and sleepers onto our semi-trailers and carting to site in preparation for the track reinstatement.

On the Cutting Edge

Our Innovations

Hi Rail Vacuum Truck (NDD)

In 2004 Mainco, the infrastructure maintenance company for Connex, requested RMS to develop a road-rail vacuum truck that could vacuum up all the unsightly rubbish found in station pits. RMS was able to, in conjunction with Mainco, develop a cost effective method of removing the rubbish. Combined with the rubbish removal RMS also added to its removal an ability to spray paint the station pit facings to remove unsightly graffiti that was visible to the public.

Panel Grab

In 2014 RMS developed a panel grab for plain track panels to lift and hold them in place while they are being installed. This allowed not only a safer system of work for the rail workers fish plating up the panels by providing more control over the panel but also prevents any damage to the rails caused by lifting chains.

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